27 April 2023: “The Mohawk Warrior Society: A Handbook on Sovereignty and Survival” on Red Nation {audio}

18 March 2023: « La Mohawk Warrior Society » : dans le respect du collectif mohawk (Marie-Hélène Fraïssé, Le Monde)

17 March 2023: “This Was Resistance To Genocide” on Millennials Are Killing Capitalism {audio}

2 March 2023: “In Union: Hock E Aye VI Edgar Heap of Birds, and Keith Christensen” on e-flux {audio}

18 March 2022: “An Outsider Approach to Cinematography” (Rana Al Namara, Interactive Documentary: Decolonizing Practice-Based Research)

15 March 2022: “‘The Native and the Refugee’ Shares Narratives of Resistance” (Andreas Petrossiants, Frieze)

4 October 2021: Interview with King Downing on “Good Morning Nueva York” (WBAI, New York) {audio, starts at minute 36}

27 September 2021: “In conversation with Kareem Estefan” (e-flux)

22 September 2021: “Urgent Pedagogies and Autonomous Infrastructure with Sandi Hilal and Pelin Tan” on Woodbine {audio}

9 May 2021: “COVID & Community with John Kane” on Forms {audio}

21 April 2021: “Kazembe Balagun on Raoul Peck’s Exterminate All the Brutes” on Woodbine {audio}

10 February 2020: “Espaces d’exception: entretien” (Lundi Matin)

10 April 2019: Interview with Ghida Majzoub on Future TV {video}

28 March 2019: “Under the Moon in Sharjah” (Carmen Gray, Senses of Cinema)

24 February 2019: “فيلم “أماكن من الاستثناء” .. رحلة وجع ما بين المَحميّات ومخيمات اللاجئين” (Cultural Independence Platform)

23 February 2019: “مركز يافا الثقافي يعرض ويناقش فيلم (Spaces of Exception)” (Alwatan Voice)

16 February 2019: Interview with Malak Asaad on Palestine TV {video}

10 February 2019: “العرض الأول في لبنان للفيلم الوثائقي Spaces of Exception في متحف سرسق” (Saida Online)

7 February 2019: Interview with Rana Khawand on Télé Liban {video}

6 February 2019: Interview with Rania Ziade Ashkar on MTV Alive {video}

2 February 2019: “Identity as struggle, struggle as identity” (Aymen Makarem, Reel Rambler)

1 February 2019: Interview with May Sahhab on OTV’s Yawm Jdeed {video}

31 January 2019: “Palestinian camps, Amerindian reserves” (Jim Quilty, The Daily Star)

27 January 2019: “Documentary as a transmission medium” (Carmen Gray, Modern Times Review)

8 April 2017: “The Strength of the Native and the Refugee” (Elizabeth Hampson, In Search of the Shift)

28 March 2017: Interview, “No DAPals” on Social Justice Warriors {audio}

23 March 2017: Interview with John Kane on “Let’s Talk Native” (WBAI, New York) {audio, starts at minute 36}

24 February 2017“Indian Winter” Documents The End of Standing Rock-And The Determination To Fight On (with Vanessa Teran & Alex Pasternack, Fast Company)

30 December 2016: Interview, “Spaces of Exception: Resilience in Prisons and on Reservations” on Kite Line Radio (WFHB, Bloomington) {audio}

1 December 2016: Interview with John Kane on “Let’s Talk Native” (WBAI, New York) {audio}

3 November 2016: “Can’t Wait Forever” (Aviva Stahl, The New Inquiry)

29 September 2016: Interview with Anders Lee on Left Jest {audio}

14 January 2016: “A Palestinian-Native American Comparative Struggle” (Flora Mory, The Daily Star)

11 December 2015: “The Strength and Resilience of the Native and the Refugee” (Sara Moawad, Muftah)

3 December 2015: “The Native And The Refugee: Taking The Palestinian-Native American Analogy To The Big Screen” (Kareem Chehayeb, Beirut Syndrome)

2 July 2015: Interview with Irwin Oostindie on “W2 Media Mornings” (CFRO, Vancouver) {audio}

1 July 2015: Audio from “Reservations, Sovereignty, and Autonomy” (Voice of Palestine, Vancouver) {audio}

5 June 2015: Interview on “Off the Hour” (CKUT, Montreal) {audio}

5 May 2015: “US film about indigenous community links to Palestine reinserts “political narrative”” (Nora Barrows-Friedman, Electronic Intifada) {audio}

28 April 2015: Interview with Pamela Brown & Michael G. Haskins on “Morning Show” (WBAI, New York) {audio}

14 April 2015: Interview with Tiokasin Ghosthorse on “First Voices Indigenous Radio” (WPKN/WBAI, Bridgeport/New York) {audio}

27 February 2015: “صور اللاجئين الأخرى” (Al Modon)