24 October 2022: “Come Home Now” – An interview with Ateronhiatakon Francis Boots (Ill Will)

18 March 2022: “An Outsider Approach to Cinematography” (with Rana Al Namara, Interactive Documentary: Decolonizing Practice-Based Research)

15 March 2022: “‘The Native and the Refugee’ Shares Narratives of Resistance” (with Andreas Petrossiants, Frieze)

27 September 2021: “In conversation with Kareem Estefan” (e-flux)

3 September 2021: “The Shared Struggles of Bedouins and Native Americans” (with Vanessa Teran, Newlines)

19 April 2021: “بدو غور الأردن بين الهجرة والتهجير” (Vice Arabia)

10 February 2020: “Espaces d’exception: entretien” (Lundi Matin)

2 February 2019: “Identity as struggle, struggle as identity” (Aymen Makarem, Reel Rambler)

24 February 2017“Indian Winter” Documents The End of Standing Rock-And The Determination To Fight On (with Vanessa Teran & Alex Pasternack, Fast Company)

19 November 2016: “Standing Rock: the story of a heroic resistance” (with Shyam Khanna & Vanessa Teran, ROAR) {also in Spanish, French, and Italian}

3 November 2016: “Can’t Wait Forever” (Aviva Stahl, The New Inquiry)

11 December 2015: “The Strength and Resilience of the Native and the Refugee” (Sara Moawad, Muftah)

12 April 2015: ‘We love being Lakota’: native autonomy in Pine Ridge (ROAR)